What the money has meant for me and the children:
The financial help that has been sent to CM PROJECT has had a tremendous impact on us in many ways and has created a new line of life on the children,the teachers and the families in this part of the world. The following statements tell the numerous ways we have been impacted:

  1. Giving that special time in a young per­son's life- THE GOL­DEN OPPOR­TU­NI­TY TO GO TO SCHOOL just the open opportunity.
  2. Creating the beauty of a green light to go and to learn with others in the same level and in the same school and a school in a cool climate and with a wonderful environment.
  3. With the help given,there has been that spirit and creativity created in the children to learn and to be able to find meaning in life and in what it takes to make a great improvement to the children, the parents in this poor village are able to be counted in that situation of taking their children in a BEST SCHOOL.
  4. The money has helped to create a school period of stability for the children because they have not had the time to be tormented by being absent or going back home but to be steadily at school and to have the time to learn and also have play things to handle to play with all the time and to be PRESENT WITH LOVING TEACHERS.
  5. Going to school in a clean,beautiful uniform with books and pens and other things to write on has been the best thing that can happen in the lives of these children and also in the lives of a people who had totally lost hope for tomorrow and to know that it is now made possible that they COUNT ON CM AND CM FRIENDS to make it happen.
  6. CM GERMANY AND THE DONORS have created a new vision in the lives of the children and the community and with this hope in their hearts,they can say with high spirits"YES WE CAN MAKE IT IN LIFE" even in the silent of their developing minds.
  7. With education given,you can be sure that a life is touched,changed and even moved to a certain point and so this is the work that This project in its time and space has done to these children and the community.
  8. The help has kept the children smiling,having the real life that all others have and also making them have the joy of moving together with others.

To me,this help speak volumes in my heart and in the hearts of all the stakeholders of CM CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE and it has made my work with the vulnerable children so easy and more wonderful and it has created in me that courage to help more children with hope that has a power that only myself knows so well ,the joy we have when we are together and all look back that it CAN HAPPEN...........WE SAY ,THANK YOU.
The work with vulnerable children in all forms, be it at a school level,village level and even at a church level makes a great and a strong impact that finally can only take place when you are supported and when you are given the support to work from and on,the support has seen the children who may have had their hearts down come up.

In many of my years working with orphans at times there are so many children with extreme needs who need much help but when you have no means to help,it will give you pain as you leave that particular case in a situation that is very very horrible and it follows you in your heart when you go away but here we are having a project that PROTECTS,SAFEGUARDS AND CREATE A MEANING IN THEIR RIGHTS in many ways.
This help has seen these children cope with their own situation in a very very great way and especially total orphans whose homes there is nothing like a gate or a house to run back to and in those homes and families where the adults are all dead and have left behind nothing to call their own,this is a reality that all faces you when you come to Africa and in this part of the planet,it is a real relief when a project finally takes a space and creates a meaning beyond words.


The objectives and our achievements are some of the points I have narrated above and our achievements are great starting from very good and encouraging academic work and moving to the joy all written on the faces of the young and on my face too and the fact that our children perform very well in the next stages.

We have moved far and moved ahead as an achievement and creating a generation that can be counted and that one day we can look back and wonder at where we started from,a great person is made from the start of his life but not the end of a life......THIS IS THE RIGHT STAGE.
We have a classified system of education and all so often many orphans have no shoes,no uniforms,no books,no bags and nothing to be proud of as a human being because all is lost but with your help,the children are with the rest and thanks for creating a spirit of hope even only in a small way,we make sure that we provide what they can call a bag,a pencil,a book,a crayon,shoes,sandals and play things...........THANKS.


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